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Here is an opportunity that may not last long.

starligh gas lease pa
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Be that energy company to lease one of the few remaining large contiguous acreage blocks for natural gas exploration in the heart of the dynamic Marcellus gas play in northeastern Pennsylvania.


A block of 3000 contiguous acres and two smaller blocks can be yours to explore and produce natural gas. We are looking for a landowner-friendly lease with the proper environmental protections that will offer a compelling bonus and royalty opportunity for the group.


Geologic overview presentation
by Petroleum Geologist Don Zaengle.

Please see maps on this web site of the acreage blocks and geologic overview of our acreage prepared by Petroleum Geologist Don Zaengle.


Our acreage is adjacent to the core focus area of Cabot Oil & Gas (See Cabot map). Cabot is experiencing fantastic results next door with horizontal wells posting an initial flow rates as high as 16 MMCF per day. Both the upper and lower Marcellus and the Purcell limestone layers have been tested and are very productive according to Cabot’s 2009 Q4 conference call and related press releases. Other energy companies in the area are having similar successes with wells producing large volumes of over-pressured dry gas with an expected well life span of up to 40 years.


We are located about 4.5 miles east of the northeast border of Susquehanna County in the far north corner of Wayne County in Scott and Buckingham Townships with an additional separate 35 acre block in Starrucca Borough almost adjacent to the Susquehanna border (see separate map within acreage map panel).


Cabot Marcellus
A map of Pennsylvania showing the net feet of organic-rich shale in the Marcellus Formation. John Harper of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey believes that the thickness of organic-rich shale may be more important than the total Marcellus thickness in assessing the production potential of a well site. Map after Piotrowski, R.G. and Harper, J.A., '79.
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Cabot Marcellus
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An additional 202 contiguous acres located in Lanesboro Borough and Harmony Townships in northeastern Susquehanna County is also available for lease. (See separate acreage map within map panel.)


We are in an area where the organic rich Marcellus Shale is very thick and where several petroleum geologists have expressed opinions based on geologic studies and well data that we are in a productive area within the dry gas window with compelling TOC levels and a Ro level of about 2.5 to 2.75. (See organic rich shale thickness map.)


Most of our acreage is within the Delaware River Basin with a portion, including the separate 202 acre Susquehanna County parcel, located in the Susquehanna River Basin.


Our main lease block is located about five miles west of the Millennium pipeline which travels through Hancock, New York due east of us.


Both Chesapeake Energy and Hess Corporation have leased heavily in our area. Chesapeake recently sold much of its Wayne County acreage to Hess. Southwest Energy, Stone Energy, Whitmar Exploration and Carrizo Oil & Gas also have positions in northern Wayne County. Our group has been approached by several energy companies but to date the lease offers have not yet met our requirements in both lease terms and economic benefit.


Recently nearby both Cabot Oil & Gas and Williams Production have offered landowners five year primary term leases with a three year renewal to include an upfront bonus of just under $6,000 per acre with a gross royalty of 20 to 21 percent. These offers which include very friendly landowner lease terms have secured significant acreage for Cabot just four miles to our west. The recent stellar successes of Cabot may soon push these offers higher and as Cabot recently reported there is not much unleased acreage still available in the area.


Do you represent a solid, reputable company willing to offer us a compelling lease? If so we look forward to hearing from you.


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Jim Kilgore at 609-874-2122.

Thank you for your interest.

Last updated April 16, 2010